Founder and director of Stand OUT Program

Isra García

Marketer and Advisor: For more than 30 organisations, from Blackberry (UK - Ireland), MTV (UK), Amnesia Ibiza, blur Group (UK), Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Media PRO and Panama Jack amongst others. Raptor Marketing (London) as Digital Advisor and Harbor Ithaka (Miami) as Social Media Marketing Advisor.

Speaker: TEDx Speaker 3 times. Do Lectures speaker. Participated more than 360 times in major industry events and corporate conferences around the world for organisations such as 3M, Disney, Sodexo, Kellog's, Corona, Avianca, Corpbanca, SURA, Price Waterhouse Coopers or the Vice President of the Dominican Republic.
Author: Human Media. Las personas en la era de Internet (Alcalá, 2014), Mapmakers (Conecta, 2015) and Burning Man Quest (self-published, 2015) Ultraproductividad (Alienta, 2016). 20 días en silencio (self-edited) and Inconformistas (Alienta, 2016)

Educator: Visiting Professor to the Universities of Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds. In addition to having participated as a professor in EOI, Deusto, Fundesem Business School, University of León, University of the Andes and University of Externado.
Entrepreneur: Principal Director of IG (Spain - UK - USA). Co-founder of Engage Worldwide (Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Miami).

Blogger: More than 2,950 posts. He writes for (more than 130.000 monthly visits), Weekly blogger for Expansión with “Economía Disruptiva". Social Media Today (selected in 2013 - 2014 as one of 16 "Best Thinkers") and Social Media Examiner. Recognised by Solomon McCown (2013, Boston, USA) as one of The top 20 social media bloggers.

Entrepreneur and innovator: Creator of the disruptive professional training program Stand Out Program, which is already expanding to 5 other countries. Co-founder of, recognised as the collaborative platform of change and inspiration that is most most read in Spanish. On his birthday, he launched "33 social actions", a solidarity project in which he donates his time and work to 33 social causes for a whole year, and he co-founded (along with Josef Ajram) the unconventional micro-MBA program “Inconformistas” and "34 impactos educativos" a social project in 34 educational centres.

Adventurer: Extreme experiments such as Ironman, Ultraman, Burning Man Quest, Titan Desert and Live the Possibility. He attempted to complete 3 Ironman distances in 3 days and failed (Desafío por la Vida). He is now preparing two new challenges. He has lived for almost a year without a smartphone, he does not use WhatsApp and he has remained in silence for 21 days in civilisation, without saying a single word. Isra has been a finalist in Red Bull Autos Locos 2015 and Red Bull Day of the Wings 2011.

Personal: Dyslexic, he doesn’t have a university degree, but several masters. He does not watch television. He works for only a few people, lives as intensely as he works or goes out partying. At 18 he worked as a plumber's apprentice, at 21 in a textile factory, 12 hours a day. To this day he works all over the world, putting together all of the ideas that he has. And he is caught up in the maximum number of projects, experiments, social initiatives and challenges possible and is the owner of the 24 hours of his day.