Management and Coordination Stand Out Program

Luis Angel Mendaña

Professionally engaged in the Internet since 1996, Luisangel currently works as a Digital Content Curator, seeking and gathering strategic information for his clients, with the vision of a more critical and active society, and the mission to fight ignorance and misinformation.

In addition, Luisangel works in communication and online marketing, as well as being a trainer in many digital transformation subjects, such as Youtube, videomarketing, web creation, digital content, blockchain, content curation...

Luisangel's major obsession is to help as much as possible to understand the near future, triggering in people and organizations their 'digital genes', and encouraging the need to be informed in an active way, to generate what he calls 'flexible knowledge'.

Luisangel's professional trajectory ranges from working in communication agencies to freelance work for top companies, including having been the founder of a multi-award winning agency in Valladolid.