We transform your teams to achieve an outstanding and excelling organization

Stand OUT Program is disruptive transversal education for adults, and it is designed to transform organizations from within, achieving that the people who work in them (managers, execs, founders, directors and/or employees) stand out from themselves and thus generate excelling companies. How? Through our high-performance and ultra-productivity DNA, a method which consists of uncovering, developing, enhancing, optimizing and balancing the core skills and abilities of each professional. This inevitably will make the members of the organization perform better, produce more and live much better. The result is the best professional and personal version of each team member, and therefore, of the company as a whole.

About us 

We started in 2013, and since then we have gone been teaching in Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Cape Town, London, Barcelona or Madrid. Along the way, we have advised more than 70 organizations and have worked with more than 60 clients.  All this trajectory leaves a significant and robust statistic; the impact and return index in more than 1,500 participants has been 95.6% satisfaction.
Stand OUT Program is the answer to more than a decade of experience providing disruptive training to all types of organizations and in more than thirty business schools. Today we are convinced that there is no such impactful, contrasted, efficient and proven transformational disruptive education proposal in the market.

What are we doing?

We implement tailored transformational disruptive education experiences, playing with the most promising context to produce the necessary impact. We adjust the duration, location, sessions, interactions, mechanics, and consultants to each project for every goal. In each case. We work with the reality of the market, the objectives to be covered and the change to be generated, and all this under the prism of the challenge that the new digital economy and the connected consumer represents. 

Some sessions that we address:

  • Customer experience applied to the digital era
  • Innovation and reinvention of processes
  • Disruptive marketing: marketing from another perspective
  • Leadership and high-performance teams
  • Design thinking: applied creativity for real solutions
  • Understanding the 21st-century consumer
  • Digital Mindset
  • How to build an unstoppable company attitude
  • The disruptive mindset: how to embedded in the organization
  • Ultraproductivity in the company, beyond the conventional productivity
  • Core skills and super habits for companies that want to excel
  • High-Performance for companies, managers, and teams.
  • Excellence program in processes and channels

Stand OUT Program is the answer to these six questions:

  1. How to transform any fact into a growth opportunity?
  2. How to exceed the expectations of customers and turn them into results?
  3. How to get the most out of the new digital economy?
  4. How to understand the ever-changing consumer and put it in the center?
  5. How to create the most effective organizational and individual transformation possible in the shortest possible time?
  6. How to develop and capitalize on professionals that increase the value and income of the business?

Our promise

We interrupt and break schemes, patterns and useless behaviors to create a profound transformation on businesses and brands, and we will make it possible in the shortest possible time. We make a dramatic impact on people's performance so they will improve their skills, responsibilities, behaviorsand results exponentially, thus achieving the best possible version of the organization. A unique, outstanding and excelling organization.

Esto es lo que dicen de nosotros

¿Por qué Stand OUT Program? porque no existe en el mercado una propuesta de educación disruptiva tan novedosa, probada, contrastada y eficiente.


  • At school, we are rewarded for having the correct answer, but not for asking a good question. SOP taught me that we should not listen only to those questions for which we are in a position to find answers.
    Israel Landeros - DISCOVERY CHANNEL
  • Stand Out is real life as it is, 24-hour days that are sometimes more bearable, other times harder, uncomfortable, exhausting ... but that's life. Nothing changes if you do not move and Stand Out gives you the necessary push if you are prepared.
    Óscar Padial - INVACI | COGICV
  • Una experiencia vital y única. Son 4 días que interrumpen tu vida, te sacuden, te hacen profundizar en ti, y en todo aquello que eres capaz y no sabías. Inyección de energía, de talento de todos los que pasan por allí, de herramientas y de sensaciones únicas. Altamente recomendable.
    Irene Saez - INTIMISSIMI
  • Stand OUT program es empuje emocional. No vas a tener el control, seguro. Vas a estar incómodo, seguro. Y cuando acabe, tendrás tu propia vida cogida por los cuernos, seguro.
    Borja Silleras - GRUPO PRISA (El País)

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