Stand OUT Program is an educational program that is different from everything you know. It is created, developed and taught by different and successful professionals.

Stand OUT means effective, practical and useful knowledge that is focused on the new professional context, marked by the Internet, integrated training, communication-relationship-interaction between brands and people, and new opportunities opened by oneself.

Stand OUT Program means teaching professionals by professionals, and is aimed at profiles that have decided to stand out. Marketing, Communication, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Plan. New projects, experience working on real cases, business models. Routines and key skills to give more and something different. Intensity, personal self-determination, practical training in the current context. Start ups, new information technologies, digital transformation, specialisation, strategy, design, creativity, social media, management, productivity, change, leadership, sport, nutrition, integral preparation. Different concepts that in the current market are confusing, that cross over, and often converge in the development plans of the best professionals.

Decide to continue building by learning, listening or helping other profiles. Evolution + transversality + bidirectionally: perhaps these features are three of the main features that Stand Out Program marks.




Something we tried for the third time, with the experience, learning and growth that it entails.


Work on real projects, dynamic action, developing campaigns and designing and launching new ideas, building business, social initiatives ...


Stand Out Program will allow you to see and understand the world in a different and perhaps disruptive way: changing the rules of the game in terms of foundations, methods, timing, attitude, action, price and system.


Taste the forcefulness by measuring your results with yourself. Not everyone will choose this program, not everyone will take advantage of this opportunity, but that does not mean it is not there.

  • Abilities
  • Superhabits
  • Ultraproductive
  • High perf.
  • Methods



Want to bring Stand Out Program to your city?


The answer we don’t want is "I am ready", the question you should ask is: "Am I willing to?











Potential based on the foundation of learning by doing and education focused on developing your core skills, ultra-productive practices, acquisition of a set of super-habits and unconventional working methods, better said, what will make you stand out and progress on your journey, not only professionally but also personally.

Knowledge through experience, or, knowledge based on the basis of doing and taking risks - and how to measure them - intrepidity and insight.

Developing the practice of trying, that is learning how to make things happen by taking risks and trying something different. Or getting to know the different phases of the processes of taking risks and working on a project, feedback acquisition of the correct and incorrect, and the introduction of this acquired knowledge with the attempt of the learning cycle and each one of the different projects.

Practical definition of the purpose of the program, which should in all cases be to find and develop the work that really matters to become indispensable. In your job position, managing your own business, launch your idea, optimizing your project o developing yourself up.

Excellently looking for strange ways of thinking and acting. Put creativity as the focus point of learning and growth. Driving imperfection and vulnerability as priceless assets.

Oriented towards brilliance: accountable to the beautiful excellence of the result and, of course, to the positive impact on the market, people or customers.

There will be no networking or certificates or accreditation. For this, you may need to look elsewhere: Stand OUT Program obviates the rules, welcome. The result will be, creating personal success, learning how to fail meaningfully and how to successfully engage in the impossible.

Stand OUT Program is a one-level program, a four-day course, divided into eight cities in Spain one in United States, and in another countries as Chile, Colombia, South Africa or Mexico, each with its own edition. Hard, intense, unforgiving, accurate, maybe not too sensitive and overwhelming, for people who are willing to make something happen and get to something out of the ordinary doing something out of the ordinary. It will be a lot of hours, demanding, challenging and we hope excellent. And time to rest? Tell us something: did Richard Branson rest on a Saturday or Sunday when he took records from Holland to UK in the car with his brother (thats how he founded Virgin Records)? Did Steve Jobs sleep eight hours one night when he wanted to revolutionise the world with the iPhone? Would you take a nap one day as you work on creating your best work? Has there been a break in any revolution? Would you ever give up? Would you think of stopping when you’re going 300 km / h on the highway of unpredictability? The change is expensive, but in the long distance it pays off.

There are people who may be at a more basic level and others at a more advanced level before they start: we don’t care at all, really. Anyone who is below average will have to work hard to be above the level: before this program takes place you can wake up at 6 in the morning, work at night after dinner or even do extra hours, ask the people who were here before you. Whoever is higher than this, well... perhaps realises that they are not as high as they imagined, of course this will not be Disney World, a resort in Punta Cana or a football pachanga with your co-workers.

This is how we divide the 12 hours that we will use each day:

Our goal is to focus the group on skills, aptitudes and practical applications in the following areas, which the new economy has changed. And of course how it has changed them and how to get the most out of it all.

We hope to spend absolutely no time at all talking about what social networks you use or how to use them, nor about trends, politics, sport, religion, next year predictions or what we think of Jimmy Fallon’s Show or the last sentence on Twitter by someone famous.

  • Group discussions on general topics related to vulnerability, marketing, leadership, change, uncertainty and dancing with fear.
  • Individual presentations of each person on the progress made, the decisions to which they are committed and the risks they will assume.
  • Talk in small groups about what they will do next and how they will do it.
  • Relentless work. Stress. Risk. Failure. Reinvention.

This doesn’t have much to do with what they teach you at work or in your profession. We will try hard, you will fail a lot and you will get up faster every time. We will create tension, generate debates and discussions, work under pressure and do work that we have never done before. The work that makes your legs tremble.

You are in serious trouble, your comfort zone and your security zone have moved and you have not moved from the place where you used to be safe and sound. The current economic situation, the climate of rapid and constant change, new ways of working, the inadequacy of your education to deal with this type of change or the needs of a human environment-connected by information technologies, have made each one of the zones move to the opposite side and you are unprotected and not knowing what to do.

This is creating great pain, tension and anxiety in our day to day, of course. So that you realise it, from the teachers, to the internal team and of course, myself (Isra García), we will give the best of ourselves to try to take you to the precipice of those areas, and not only that, but also to the emptiness of uncertainty, complexity, fear and frustration.

Dynamics, tension, anxiety, stress and unusual activities. You're going to get upset and angry, especially with my team and me, on more than one occasion: we're not worried about that, it's what you need and we're going to help you with it, we'll even try to get you to give in, or at least to stop, we'll do our best, we promise. Your comfort zone in SOP will be just a dream. We will strongly impact everything "sacred" for you.

we will try to exceed your expectations in terms of learning and improvement, reality and brilliance. we want to make you grow. You will not stop working, nor will you stop feeling the tension, from the first day a disturbing and disconcerting sensation will be installed in your amygdala. That’s it. When this is all over, you will go home with a feeling of having done something great, of stepping forwards and placing yourself in the line of fire as deliberately as possible. Yes, in that one where important work happens. This will do you some good, you'll get away from the rest.

In each city where we carry out the program: New York, Santiago de Chile, Bogota. Mexico DF, Madrid, Barcelona, Cape Town, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Bilbao, Mallorca, Tenerife, there will be some launch parties / kick offs of the program, open to the public, without any cost. In some cases it will be physical events and online in other cases. In those events you can find out more about Stand Out Program if you decide to opt in and be one of the attendees. Here we announce the program and kick off dates, by the way, this same launch party / kick off will be anything but conventional. The event will take place in the same space place where Stand OUT Program is held. It will be a kind of master class open to anyone who wants to attend and check out what SOP is all about.

The launch party will consist of an extra express workshop of 20 minutes each, it will be program-oriented talks and content. In the link above you can find out what days and hours we will be in which cities.

What will you find there? Serious professionals, teachers from the program and a team waiting for you to share experiences and actions with you and help you to see why now is the best time to stand out and why Stand Out Program is the platform that will help you do it and to take off.

These Stand Out Program take-off capsules will aim to teach the best core skills, super habits, definitive strategies and successful tactics to excel in the new economy. These are, "tips", "best practices” and recommendations that the public can take advantage of. Some topics that will be discussed here will be:

  • The new economy:
  • Internet, connection, initiative, choice, attention and humanity.
  • How to make the new business models work.
  • Agents of change, what is here for you? Education, failure and change.
  • New set of skills.
  • Keys to excel.
  • The social web: what works and what does not. Experiences and practices.
  • Past: social networks. Present: Social Media. Future: digital transformation.

To participate in this event, open to the public, but upon request, you can do so through this form that we have enabled on each city (go to “calls” section). It will cost you no money, you can register here and now, the attendance will be limited to the number of places available at the venue, and attendees will be admitted by reservation order, and prior selection, at the time of registration. When the seating capacity is completed, the inscriptions will be closed.

If you really are able to make something happen, to break all prejudices, to give extra value, to develop the work that matters, to be brilliant and stand out from yourself, the end of the course may mean the beginning of a new era in which we begin to work together. In previous editions, we had the opportunity to meet fantastic people who now collaborate with us on different projects, including four of them currently that now form part of the team behind Stand OUT Program.

On the other hand, when we finish Stand OUT Program, we will have a personal interview with you and we will include you in our database of closest collaborators or, in any case, we will put you at the forefront of the recommendations when we find or any opportunity related to your profile reaches us.

This depends on a lot of things, as you can imagine, although essentially it will depend on what you have been able to do during the course, and what your attitude and your real disposition to continue taking these steps is like: theres nothing better than being able to push people who deserve it. So we will not hesitate to write about you and your best qualities and achievements if that can turn heads to you as an agent of change, the precious treasure that every company tries to find every day. We will strive to let people know who you are and what makes you unique.

Stand OUT Program is a program of action and intensity. We will not talk about emotional intelligence or different leadership styles or what a community manager is, basically we will not talk much at all, we will work hard. We will not focus your efforts on following directions, how to please your boss or what you can do with the Internet. We will work side by side. There will be briefings, many will be hard, overwhelming and sometimes somewhat cruel, we hope this does not spoil your excitement of participating. You will face crossroads that will test your most vital values. Your ethics and morality will be questioned at times, you will see what you are truly made of. We will be a team, in the good and the bad. You will create signs and not noise. You will learn to do things, to place yourself there in the distance and we will enjoy the result of your courage, passion and excitement. We could say that this is some kind of seminar, a more intensive course, a company internship program or a coaching event, but we would be lying: definitely, Stand OUT Program is not a conventional or common course and no, it is not for everyone in the world.

Here, we believe, comes the important part: the number of places is strictly limited because, otherwise, it would not be possible to develop such a personal course and to work on real projects (both our own and the participants projects). It is also not possible to replicate it in the short time available because it requires a lot of preparation, energy and time for us, to be precise a year of work, as it did with the first and second edition, which means that this year we return, next year we can not guarantee it, but we hope so. That is why we need to count on only those few people who are willing to stand out from themselves and push themselves beyond what they have never pushed, people that we will choose, and who will have all our help to do so, of course.

This is not paid work either.

This fourth year and its execution in different cities, as happened in the first, second and third year, will only be held once in each city, New York, Santiago de Chile, Bogota. Mexico DF, Madrid, Barcelona, Cape Town, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Bilbao, Mallorca, Tenerife only once during the year. You will have to come to the cities where they will take place and to the places where the program is given. We can not be in all the cities of every country in less than eight months, in our case, we have to coordinate this with our work and responsibilities, international commitments, other projects, challenges / adventures, brands and agencies with which we collaborate, business, conferences and other things. You may have to travel, take transport, stay to eat and sleep. we can’t see the inconvenience.

Bonus: The workspace where the Stand OUT Program will be, will be connected, centralised and enabled so that you will not find it hard to find accommodation at a reasonable price, quite economical indeed (you have many "bed & breakfast" options). You will also have no problem finding a good supermarket nearby, and places like the train station or buses are relatively close.

That is exactly what we intend on doing. Do you want to take this opportunity? You will have to make an extra effort in addition to the economic factor. To a certain point, everyone can afford it, but not everyone is willing to make the sacrifice and to get their hands dirty. We look for those people, those who are willing to do that what changes everything.

  • We don’t like people who complain or are always looking for an excuse.
  • There is no chit chat here, no networking: just work, it will be intense, but fun.
  • We hope (and we will do everything possible) that you won’t have just a second to send a tweet, post photos on Instagram or complain on Facebook.
  • Cancel all types of commitments during the four days of the program, you will not be able to attend any of them. If they are too important, Stand Out Program is not for you.
  • If you work, it is advisable to use up holiday days to do the course, as it is not permitted to work on anything outside SOP.
  • You will be advised to play sports. 30/45 min per day. It’s not obligatory, but recommended.
  • You have to be fun, passionate, intrepid, cheeky, daring, intelligent, optimistic, cheerful and determined and with an impeccable list of contrasted references.
  • You can not drink any alcohol or smoke during the program.
  • It is possible, very rare but it could happen, that during the course of the program you believe that you can not stand the pressure of Stand Out Program, or that we have not made a good decision on including you or you are really affecting your colleague’s progress. If any of this happens, you will be invited to leave SOP and you will be returned the proportional amount of the days that you have left to complete.

Your followers on Twitter won’t matter, whether you have a blog or not, not even if you have read all of our posts. It is irrelevant to me that you do triathlons or that you know all the names of the Dragon Ball Z characters (do you know them?). Age does not decide anything, nor your professional specialisation, only if you are working, unemployed or you are a student or retiree. We care -and a lot-about what your story and your mission and how you plan to stand out from yourself and make it happen.

We offer a real world, face-to-face experiences, humanity, connection and vulnerability. We offer risk and decision to confront something that must be done for you.