Academic department + logistics co-manager at Stand Out Program

Reme Egea

Trainer in Management Skills and Team Management, Con los pies en el Aula Project Manager, Blogger, Podcaster, Lecturer, consultant and partner of Proformación, S.L. I have the most exciting profession I could have ever imagined: TRAINER. Having an impact on managers, entrepreneurs and middle managers to develop the maximum potential of their teams from the base of Lean Management. Working with customers from many different industries (Ford Motor Company, Consum, Acciona, Bayer, Hinojosa, Orange, Schneider Electrics, etc.) has enabled me to develop very effective team leadership methods. I also work in different business schools, official institutions, chambers of commerce and official colleges. Graduated in Physical Education Teaching, Bachelor of Psychology, Master in Developmental Behavioral Modeling (DBM). I'm a fighter from birth, passionate about life, a girl who thinks that you should never give up on anything in the world. I’ve never liked easy things because they bore me. I like to meet different people, to learn new things and challenges. I enjoy positively marking the lives of those who cross my path.